Another Something Completely Different

The lockdown rumbles on so I thought I better write another post. But what to cover? There’s hardly any Game to talk about. So how about something else I like and have been interested in for a long time: coffee. Try to work out the similarities to Game if you like. I had a mate … Continue reading Another Something Completely Different

Another Update

In times like these there are no distractions. The current situation makes it easy to focus on your goal without any kind of interference. I try to look at the bright side of things still. For me, right now, that focus is leaning out. My initial aim is to go down from 265 lbs to … Continue reading Another Update

Daygame Is Walking Meditation (Intermediate/Advanced)

We’ve all been there, walking the streets and not finding a single, worthy set. Unless you’re on a jaunt or live in a place that already has a decent proportion of hot girls (or if you’re particularly unlucky in those same locations) then I think it’s worth looking at Daygame like walking meditation. Disclaimer: I’m … Continue reading Daygame Is Walking Meditation (Intermediate/Advanced)