#69: A Gutter Rat and a Total Wreck

It was my first day Daygaming in London since coming back from Warsaw. In the meantime the BBC Panorama documentary had hit the silver screen and the shit had officially hit the fan, for some. I powered through nightmares of troglodyte leftists beating me to death with rolled up Guardian newspapers and hit the streets … Continue reading #69: A Gutter Rat and a Total Wreck

#68: Necrophilia (Lay Report Analysis)

Warm-ups: though I’m long past the days of having to do some hit and run complements to get a session started, it pays to be 5% more sociable before beginning one. A quick “how are you today?” to the person serving your coffee or “good morning” to the bus driver will begin to blow away … Continue reading #68: Necrophilia (Lay Report Analysis)