Moving On

I’m sitting in my empty flat and everything’s bare. I’m only able to post this entry because of the wifi hotspot I’m casting from my phone. The flat looks as if a squatter has moved in, except he’s me. A few prized possessions are in a small pile on the ledge for me to remember … Continue reading Moving On


High Energy and Low Energy Daygame

Over the first half of 2018 it has been made apparent to me that there are two ways to practice Daygame: high energy (HE) and low energy (lE) (blog posts inspiring this one: here and here). Both have different aims, structure, levels of enjoyment, and even physiological experience. So as the British heatwave rumbles on … Continue reading High Energy and Low Energy Daygame

Mini-London Number Farm (June 21st – June 24th)

For the past four days I’ve been out Daygaming in London and I thought I would do something a little different and give a field report. I write the date reports and lay reports, both of which include descriptions of the street interactions, but I don’t cover the literal Daygame in nearasmuch detail. This post … Continue reading Mini-London Number Farm (June 21st – June 24th)