The problem with momentum is that you can’t go out looking for it, you have to wait for it to come to you. This post is as much a reminder to me that I should stick to what I do best, and not be tempted by the ‘dark side of Daygame.’ Last year, for a … Continue reading Momentum


The Stealth-On Super Slut

I think I’ve observed this phenomena enough to write a post on it. Let me describe a situation which many of us have been in: You’re on a date with a girl and you’re pretty sure she likes you. Maybe the date came off of the back of a strong set, or strong texting, perhaps … Continue reading The Stealth-On Super Slut

Narcissistic Injury and Game

I’ve been reading Sam Vaknin’s Malignant Self-Love: Narcissism Revisited recently in an effort to understand myself better and improve my Inner Game. Whereas I don’t want to (and technically cannot) diagnose myself with any personality disorder I can’t help but read his book and think about how it applies to myself. Narcissism exists as a … Continue reading Narcissistic Injury and Game