It’s been a very quiet start to the year. First there were the storms (constant rain) and the winter (constant cold). Now that it’s spring and we should all be firing off a lot more sets there’s the coronavirus (constantly quiet). I’m still getting my sessions in but I’m averaging one or two sets a … Continue reading Update

Something Completely Different

Two things on my radiator: a hot coffee and a cold protein shake. I need to drink the shake and let it digest for a bit before going to the gym. The walk is 20 minutes and so by the time I’m there the shake will have digested and I’ll be into the caffeine swing. … Continue reading Something Completely Different

Daygame Is Walking Meditation (Intermediate/Advanced)

We’ve all been there, walking the streets and not finding a single, worthy set. Unless you’re on a jaunt or live in a place that already has a decent proportion of hot girls (or if you’re particularly unlucky in those same locations) then I think it’s worth looking at Daygame like walking meditation. Disclaimer: I’m … Continue reading Daygame Is Walking Meditation (Intermediate/Advanced)