Game Holiday Wrap-Up

I’m sitting in my living room with my dressing gown on, having just returned from the last session of my mini Game holiday (you can see my thoughts from the midway point here). Since then, I’ve done another 36 sets and collected 8 more phone numbers, giving me the following total: 9 sessions 100 sets … Continue reading Game Holiday Wrap-Up


I’m writing this article off the back of a comment I made in the last post about how you can theoretically cast your net wider and increase the number of girls who you believe to be worth approaching. I initially titled that concept as “pre-abundance” and I want to expand on that here. Consider this … Continue reading Pre-Abundance

Daygame Endorphins (and Beginner’s State)

This is part three of my Daygame hormones mini-series. I wrote this series because a) I love trying to find the “why” behind the what, and b) this stuff allows you to psychologically separate yourself from what you experience, thus allowing greater mental control. Check out the old posts for serotonin and dopamine and the … Continue reading Daygame Endorphins (and Beginner’s State)