11/30: Classical vs Romantic Thinking

Here’s an excerpt from the second draft of my upcoming memoir, Demolition Lovers. Progress has retarded enormously; the task of redrafting a whole chapter when I return from work just seems too daunting. I need to kick myself up the arse. This is a concept which I think I’ll be bringing up a lot in … Continue reading 11/30: Classical vs Romantic Thinking

10/30: Minimising Yad Stops

This is something I’ve been trying recently, having been inspired by Krauser’s post on hook point and Philander’s mini-series on his residential with him: whenever possible, don’t do the Yad stop. Meaning: if she gives me an IOI before I go into set I’ll yell “excuse me!” as loudly as possible to get her attention. … Continue reading 10/30: Minimising Yad Stops

8/30: My Thoughts on Jordan Peterson

To confirm: I like him. I think it was natural that I would get on-board with his message considering that I’ve read about Jung, archetypes, and the monomyth before even hearing about him. I’m currently working my way through his podcasts and also through his lecture series, albeit at a slower pace. I’ve not read … Continue reading 8/30: My Thoughts on Jordan Peterson