What Are Your Priorities?

I’ve been thinking about what I prioritise in Game given a framework that all action is mating strategy expressed in one form or another. What follows is all about achieving sexual strategy and that some paths may seem more direct to some and less to others. Most of this is my musing on what to … Continue reading What Are Your Priorities?


Today my boss told me he hadn’t put me on the shortlist for promotion this year, even though I’d been kind-of going for it. I say ‘kind-of’ because I’d been doing more than I normally would but nowhere near the kind of pointless facetimery that staying until everyone else had gone engenders. I’d never been … Continue reading 16/10/19

Warsaw Review

I got back from Warsaw yesterday with some stories to tell. Here’s my review of the city: Statistics Ahh statistics, it’s always good to start here, mostly because it’s the kind of juicy information everyone is really interested in; there’s nothing more engaging to a Daygamer than comparing their ratios to see who is the … Continue reading Warsaw Review