Hidden Options and Fragilities in Daygame

I’ve been working my way through Taleb’s Incerto series and am currently nearing the end of Antifragile. Just Skin in the Game left after that (I’ve skipped Bed of Procrustes as it’s a book of aphorisms). I would have been done sooner but I took a break after reading the first two books back to … Continue reading Hidden Options and Fragilities in Daygame


Somehow we’ve ended up here: with a post on questions. No, not a Q&A, but a literal technical post on asking questions in Daygame. This began as one of my (T)s for a lay report analysis post and I realised I had so much to say that it could be a post in its own … Continue reading Questions

What Makes Someone an Advanced Daygamer?

This was a question I thought about for a few minutes before whacking on my twitter account. I ended up getting a lot of responses which I’ll cover in this post plus the ones I can think of myself or have heard previously. Time/set/lay dependent: you become an advanced Daygamer after doing it consistently for … Continue reading What Makes Someone an Advanced Daygamer?

Warsaw Review

I got back from Warsaw yesterday with some stories to tell. Here’s my review of the city: Statistics Ahh statistics, it’s always good to start here, mostly because it’s the kind of juicy information everyone is really interested in; there’s nothing more engaging to a Daygamer than comparing their ratios to see who is the … Continue reading Warsaw Review

How to Keep Daygame Statistics

In this post we’re going to have a look at an effective way to keep Daygame statistics and when and how to step away from them. When I started Daygame I immediately started recording my stats. I’d come home from my session, open my laptop and add the sets to my spreadsheet. In fact, since … Continue reading How to Keep Daygame Statistics

#64: Long Live the Car Crash Hearts (Analysis)

The Time of Day: it turns out the pussy paradise isn’t a place, it’s a time… man. Jokes aside it’s worth thinking about. I think 11am to 1pm has a higher ROI for me than, say, 2pm to 4pm. Someone more extroverted than me would say that 11pm to 1am has a higher ROI because … Continue reading #64: Long Live the Car Crash Hearts (Analysis)